Recent Work

Photography by John Andrews/Creative Collective


IM|MIGRATION in conjunction with Punto Urban Art Museum Salem, MA, 2019

Laser & sound installation featuring the voices of 100 immigration storytellers, past & present, emerging from the Point neighborhood in Salem, MA. Harbor Voices produced augmented reality experiences and life scaled outdoor photography to augment the stories shared in this community collaborative installation.


My Name Translated is Strength

Illuminus Boston, 2018, Boston, MA

Thousands of Bostonians visited “My Name Translated is Strength” installed over the Irish Potato Famine Memorial in Downtown Crossing during Illuminus Boston 2018.

On November 2nd & 3rd, 2018 we created a community-specific artwork for the Irish Potato Famine Memorial Park in Downtown Crossing, in conjunction with students from Suffolk University and Illuminus Boston.

100 Voices, Our Collective Story

The Armory Show, Pier 94, New York, NY, 2018

Harbor Voices "One Hundred Voices, Our Collective Story." March 8, 2018, New York, NY as part of Wang Xin's "The Gallery" 
(image courtesy of de Sarthe Gallery)

Visitors listen to our 2017 Cape Ann sound collage "One Hundred Voices, Our Collective Story" while submitting their own NY Harbor immigration stories to our database for a future installation.

Visitors listen to our 2017 Cape Ann sound collage "One Hundred Voices, Our Collective Story" while submitting their own NY Harbor immigration stories to our database for a future installation.

100 Voices, Our Collective Story

City Hall, Gloucester MA, 2017

In collaboration with the City of Gloucester, Gloucester Public Schools, Pathways for Children, Sandy Bay Historical Society, The Open Door, Rhode Island School of Design Graduate Studies Grant Program, and the People of Cape Ann.


This video features the full-length documentation of our 2017 installation in the Kyrouz auditorium in Gloucester, MA, "100 Voices, Our Collective Story," which visualizes the connectedness of past & present through a sound & light installation of ancestral and recent immigration stories.


In the fall of 2017, Harbor Voices created its first community collaborative public art installation in the fishing community of Gloucester, Massachusetts. This community has centuries of rich immigration history from across the globe.

We held storytelling sessions at senior centers, the offices of public officials, public schools, nonprofit support groups, and historical societies to collect over 100 ancestral and recent local immigration stories.

The audio from the storytelling sessions was recorded and the stories were then condensed into an 8-minute sound collage, featuring a “babble” of languages overlapping into the sound of crashing waves. Short quotations from our diverse collection of stories emerged from the waves as the laser installation commenced. The sound installation immersed exhibition visitors in immigration stories, while the lasers visualized the web of connectivity between stories. In the exhibition, an ancestral immigration story would be heard in conjunction with a recent story and, eventually, the visitor could no longer discern which stories were recent and which stories were from the past. Lights from opposite corners of the room would connect and travel through space and time together, exemplifying the similitudes that exist amongst neighbors and community members.


"When my ELL students, who just arrived to this country, see their stories shared in the context of other stories about immigration and local history, I think they feel part of a larger community and more welcome here."


Big Brother, Big Sister

House of Blues, Boston MA, 2019

House of Blues, Boston, 2019. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay commissioned an artwork to celebrate the stories of triumph over adversity with Bigs, Littles, Parents, Teachers, Volunteers, and Staff. These are their voices.