Photography by John Andrews/Creative Collective


We strengthen community bonds by finding parallels in our common story. These parallels become visualized in immersive public art experiences.

“My paternal great grandparents immigrated to Gloucester from the Azores. 
What a lovely tribute to the past, present, and future people who make Gloucester home.”

—MP MULLIN, Harbor Voices Installation Visitor, December 2017


Harbor Voices Public Art makes community collaborative free and public audiovisual art exhibitions. We believe that art, particularly participatory projects, has the ability to bring people together and impact the future. Through storytelling sessions and public art, Harbor Voices celebrates cultural diversity, augments family and community bonds, and creates resilience in our youth participants. Through our work, participants deepen their understanding of the immigrant experience, celebrate cultural identity, experience enhanced empathy and acceptance by discovering shared experience, and gain confidence that their voices can be a vehicle for social change.

How We Do It…

Connecting to local educational, municipal, and nonprofit organizations.

Local organizations are invited to engage in the creative art of storytelling using our exclusive model, helping the artist generate a comprehensive view of each harbors' ancestral and recent immigrant communities. The artist first works with organizations to better understand a diverse community before launching the storytelling sessions.

Hosting storytelling sessions to capture ancestral & recent stories of immigration.

All are welcome to share their stories, opening a dialogue about their recent arrival to our harbors or their ancestors’ arrivals. Stories are shared orally in any language, and young storytellers are often provided the opportunity to share their stories through artistic expression in various mediums.

Storytelling sessions are held at senior centers, the offices of public officials, public schools, nonprofit support groups, and historical societies, among others.


Mapping our interconnectedness.

The Artist will create a sound collage celebrating the collective voice, and the stories are visualized into an immersive exhibition that celebrates cultural identity and shared experience is hosted in a free public space.


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